We research, investigate and develop new ways of experiences as success factors for creating positive interactions between customers and companies.

Universities & Research

All of our projects share a joint baseline: scientific research. We believe that the best possible solutions can be delivered when existing research from international, qualified institutions is being taken into account. Therefore, our unparalleled network is connected to renowned academic researchers from all across the globe and provides you with a unique range of cross-connections tailored to your needs. In order to further foster this, LabX is supporting publications on the topics of Interaction and Experience as active member of the global Experience Management Movement.

Experience Research

We Investigate the Unexplored

Our research and network team is committed to excellence – striving to explore the core of experiences.

Cross-Industry Research for Best Results

Journey Design

We Design a New World

Our mission is to create remarkable journeys that exceed customer expectations – delivering a compelling reason to believe.

Experience-Based Journey Design

Interaction Testing

We Optimize Human Interactions

Experience Cage

Our work focuses on perpetual improvement through iterative processes – dedicated to continuous learning.

Testing and Evaluation