Experience Research

Omnichannel Experience

We uncover experience gaps between the online and offline world in order to fuse the learnings into one holistic customer experience.

Methods we use:

  • Needs Innovation
  • Co-Creation
  • Design Driven Prototyping
  • In-depth Interviews
  • Observation

Product Experience

We carefully scrutinize products to discover their true core. “Jobs to be Done” are among the key elements to start designing experiences.

Our methods:

  • Product Evaluation
  • Expert Reviews
  • Interviews
  • Define Jobs to be Done
  • Product Journeys


Success product: TRENDCORDER was awarded as NASA’s product of the year!

Advertising Experience

Advertising Experience

We analyze ads to determine their recognition value. What is the true power of your advertising campaign? The higher the experience level, the stronger the impact of the campaign.

Our methods:

  • Mobile Eye-Tracking
  • Memorial Research
  • TV Spot Research
  • Mobile Neurofeedback
  • Daily Diaries with specific tasks
  • Campaign Comparison
  • Campaign Journeys

Unconscious Experiences

We conduct research on subliminal messaging and the role of the unconscious in buying processes.

Research activities:

  • Neurofeedback
  • Mystery Shopping
  • AB analyses
  • Eyecontrol

Method development

We develop standardized methods for frequent use.

Developed models:

  • Needs Innovation Model (TM)
  • Model 9:3:9
  • Experience Driven Prototyping
  • Lateral Thinking AAQ
  • User driven IP development

KPI Development

We create methods and standardized Key Performance Indicators to evaluate and manage experiences along all of your company’s relevant touchpoints.

KPI Development

Journey Design

Know-How in development & prototyping processes

We optimize your service journey, product journey or internal processes.

Make experience:

  • User Centred Design
  • Design Thinking
  • Service Design
  • Customer Experience Design
  • Co- Creation
  • Experience-Driven-Prototyping (R)
  • Needs-Innvation Model (R)

We are still working on own concepts and methods!

User Centred Development
myo band thalmic labs used in labx

Technical innovations & combinations

We are working with different research centers & universities to know everything about new technology and methods to create new interaction experiences.

Some possibilities:

  • Brain control
  • Gesture contorl
  • Voice control
  • Internet of Everything
  • Use of specific sensor
  • Material possibilites

You don’t know what will be the future? We know.

Interaction Testing

The Experience Cage

We test rooms, buildings, ships before they are real! Get the chance to manipulate your concept to a perfect product. Use our experience cage!

Test with our experience cage:

  • Change colors in real time
  • Test your information system from buildings
  • Experience real virtual reality
  • Do user testings for a great customer experience

Contact us soon, you have to wait 3-4 month because of many projects.

Experience Cage
Johannes Robier President LabX

Emotion Testing

We test your emotions in every situation. You will find correlations between an emotion and your product?

Test with our Emotiv:

  • Find correlations
  • Test a product use and find insights you never thought
  • Combine emotiv with different other testing methods